July 7 – 2 Kings 5-8

First I want to say thank you to Jack Bass – his summary’s that he posts faithfully have allowed me to focus more on the applications.  We make a great team Jack!  Thanks for your support!!! If you are not reading the comments each day, you are missing out; for sure.

In today’s reading I was struck by two things – the first being how often we are like Naaman.  Naaman was the man who sought healing for his leprosy.  When Elisha, the prophet, told Naaman what he needed to do, Naaman got angry at Elisha and decided to chuck the whole idea as nonsense.  It was his family who spoke sense to him.

I can only speak for me, but, how often in my life have I missed out on a blessing or a healing because I expected it to come another way?  Or, how many times have I missed out on a blessing, because the road I was to take seemed to easy, “surely this was not from God, but my own thinking.” I suspect when I get to heaven, I may very well be surprised at just how many times I missed out because of my own wrong thinking.

The second thing I noticed is Ben-Hadad, the king of Aram, questioned the power of the Lord.  (7:2)  He questioned and doubted that God could bring an end to the famine in the land. The famine was so great, and had gone on for so long, that people were sacrificing their own children for food.  The famine had lasted so long that Ben-Hadad had lost all hope.  As a result of his lack of faith, Elisha tells him, he will see what Elisha has foretold, an end to the famine, but that he, Ben-Hadad, will not eat any of the food.  And of course if you have read the passage you realize that the words of Elisha are true and the famine has come to a close – but on that day the king dies and does not eat any of the food that is now available and affordable.

Have there been times in your own life when something has been going on for so long that you doubt that the end will ever happen.  Have you ever lost hope? I know I have! Those times are so hard, and it is extremely hard when you can’t help but wonder where God is in all of it.  But, that is precisely the time when we must hang on to our faith and trust that God, while we cannot see it, is busy working it all out.

Until next time – Be encouraged


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I became a writer in my later years. I love blogging and sharing life with others. I speak to women's groups about the Christian life.
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3 Responses to July 7 – 2 Kings 5-8

  1. Jack Bass says:

    I say Amen to what Marian said. Sandra your comments are a treasure to me. I wish I had your gift of words. Keep up the good work.
    Thank you both also. I thank you for your words and I thank Marian because I love her. By the way today is our fourth Anniversary. How time flies when you are in love.


  2. Jack Bass says:

    Chapter 5 is a good story about faith. A servant must have had faith because she related how Naaman could and would be cured of Leprosy. He went to Elisha the prophet and was told what he had to do to cure the Leprosy. Naaman of course didn’t believe that washing in the Jordan was any different than any other body of water but his servants straightened him out and when he dipped in the Jordan seven times he was cured. Faith is required then and it still is today. now we have a little crookedness in that Gehazi, the servant of Elisha tried to do some dirty things that would get him some of the treasure that Elisha had refused. For his little bit of deceit he was rewarded with Leprosy that he was to have for life. Chapter 6 We see the power of God through Elisha when he made a Axe head float after it fell in the water. Also we see the power of prayer when completely surrounded by the enemy Elisa prayed to God and the enemy went home with no lives being lost. Its so hard for me and all of you I’M sure to see cannibalism where people eat another person because they are so hungry. But it happened in the Bible and it was prophesied in the Bible. Chapter 7 Is about the great famine. Elisha told an unbelieving officer that there would be plenty of food but because of his unbelief he would see it all but he would not eat any of it. Sure enough he didn’t get a bite because he died. Chapter 8 this story is about Elisha’s continuing help for the Shunammite woman whose son he had brought back to life in an earlier chapter. He warned her of a famine that God was going to place on the nation and he also advised her where to go and how long to stay there. When she returned she had lost everything and if you remember she was a well to do woman. When the king learns of her problems he rectifies the situation. The king gave her everything she had owned back to her. Of course the King had heard the stories of what the Prophet Elisha had done for this woman and I am sure that entered into his decision to take care of her. In Christ, Jack.

    Father God always know that my love for you grows each day as I read and learn more about you and your ways. I must admit that some of what I read I don’t fully understand but I will keep reading and hopefully it will become clearer. I do know that you are love and that’s all I really need to know anyway. I seek blessings for my church and for all our missionaries. In Jesus name I pray.


  3. Marian Bass says:

    I want to thank both you and Jack for your great insights to the daily reading. I know Jack spends a lot of time on his as do you. It really helps reading your posts after reading the passages. Some of the scripture is very hard to understand.
    Thank you both


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