July 12 – 2 Kings15

Hope you are enjoying the posts from my friend Jack… Thanks Jack

It is hard to imagine someone becoming King of a country when they were 16 years old. However, I remember in earlier reading where one became king at the age of seven. King Amaziah became King at age 16 and he reigned for fifty-two years. He must have been pretty good to have reigned all those years. God must not have been to happy with him for allowing pagan worship so he plagued him with Leprosy until he died. Not much known about his doings because like so many other Kings before him information was not recorded.

Next came Zechariah and he only lasted six Months until he was assassinated and my reasoning says he was done in because he allowed pagan worship. You would think they would have learned by now that God is a jealous God and doesn’t like his people worshiping false Gods.

Next came Shallum and he lasted only one month before he was killed by Menahem. This guy was a real bad King and evil in every way. The rest of the chapter is pretty much like what I have written above.

Good Kings – Bad Kings. 2 Chr 26 is almost the same as 2 Kgs 15 except of a name change. In 2 Kgs 15 The King listed was King Amaziah and in 2 Chr 26 he was called King Uzziah. This chapter is a little more elaborate but basically the same. In Christ, Jack.

Tomorrow’s reading is in Isaiah Chapters 1-4


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  1. Jan Cooper says:

    Even though the year is half over, I’m going to start now.


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