July 15 – Amos 1-5

Amos cries out for social justice in response to the mistreatment of the poor by the wealthy Israelite’s who were focused on their own wealth and prosperity.  Unfortunately, many parallels exist between ancient Israel’s quest for self seeking comfort, of being sure self is taken care of and the pursuits of wealth today. Sadly I don’t think we even see it as seeking wealth… we call it getting ahead. We call it Republican vs. Democrat and Democrat vs. Republican. All one needs to do is put political party aside and simply listen to the battles going on in government to know we are out of sync in so many areas. I wonder what would change if our government leaders from the President on down across the nation began to ask themselves the question “What would Jesus do”?  Now there is a visual for us all. And, a question for all of us to ponder. What Would Jesus Think – What  Would Jesus Do?

Amos reminds us that God has a different set of priorities.  God wants justice to be the driving force in society (Amos 5:24).  God detested the Israelite’s oppression of the poor, their complacency, and their pride.  Therefore, judgement would come; but restoration would follow judgment.

It is too easy to fall into the trap of valuing what the world values and of desiring what the world says we deserve to have.

“Seek good, not evil, that you may live.  The the Lord God Almighty will be with you, just as you say he is.” Amos 5:14

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tomorrows reading is in 6-9


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One Response to July 15 – Amos 1-5

  1. Jack Bass says:

    In Chapter one we see where God gets his message out using a lowly Sheppard. This shows us we don’t have to be a special person to spread Gods words. God gives to us the knowledge to do his work just like he gave Amos what he needed to warn the people what was coming their way because of their not listening to him when he admonished them for their sins. Gods wrath can seem extreme but we know that the people of those days were hard headed and arrogant and did not listen to Gods messengers so they had to learn the hard way. Chapter 2. Is another chapter that explains what Amos said was what was going to happen to all those folks who didn’t pay attention to his laws and edicts. This chapter speaks of an evil heart but also says the Lord looks to our motives as well as our conduct. Judah is singled out as bringing dishonor to God. They despised the law of the Lord. They were a ungodly people who were dealt with by the Lord. Chapter 3 Punishment for Israel for not listening to Gods Prophets. They have been warned time and time again but have not listened so God tells them the punishment will be severe. He tells them that he will destroy the altars they have built to honor other Gods. They never learn that our God doesn’t like it when you worship false Gods and we know there are plenty of those around. He tells them that he will cut off the horns on their altar. He will destroy the luxury mansions they have built. A lesson for me in all this is that I don’t allow myself to ever think that I have done it all myself because I know without God I would be nothing. Chapter 4 Tells more about what God will do to the unbelieving Israel’s. He speaks of their love for the flesh and their lusts. He tells them the importance of the divine word being taught. I feel like The last couple verses speak of the coming of someone who will bare the sins of all the people. Jesus our Savior. An interesting choice of words in the last verse. the LORD God Almighty is his name. To me he is saying that he is Jesus and God all rolled into one. And now we have the the holy spirit so all three rolled into one. Chapter 5 Has God pleading with the Israelis to listen to him and not force him to do what he is about to do. He tells them that what they are doing by worshiping all those false Gods is wrong and that he is the only true God. In Verse 21 he says I hate, I despise your religious feasts; I cannot stand your assemblies. I think this is the scattering of the Jews is about to take place where he exiles them all over the world. In Christ, Jack

    Father God I plead with you that you will not allow me to ever stray from what I have learned since I accepted Jesus as my Savior. Allow me freedom but always reign me in when I need it. I love you Lord and want to be with you one day. Bless my church a well as our Missionaries around the world. I Jesus precious name I pray. Amen.


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