July 21 – Isaiah 18-22

These chapters are filled with more prophecies.  Here we see Isaiah sharing the outcomes of Cush, Egypt, Babylon and Jerusalem.  The one thing that caught my eye was found in 20:3 “just as my servant Isaiah has gone stripped and barefoot for three years as a sign and portent against Egypt and Cush, …” Did you catch that…….. Isaiah was stripped and barefoot for 3 years.  I don’t know about you, but I would not be to crazy about going naked and barefoot.

Now, I did look up the verse in the Hebrew and discovered that word here for naked can mean partially clothed.  So, I am going to assume that he was naked except for those private areas. But, even so, that does not negate walking the harsh desert naked and barefoot for 3 years.  The thing that really got to me was, Isaiah did this before God and others.  Am I willing to do this, simply before God?  Am I willing to bare my soul and get real and transparent before God?  If I am not, then God cannot completely transform my life as I am continuing to hang on to things. I need to be willing to be naked before God totally 100% transparent.  Then, and only then, can He do a complete transformation in my life.

Here’s to getting naked…..  This may hurt a little 🙂

Until tomorrow – Be encouraged.


Tomorrow’s reading will be found in Isaiah 23-27

About Sandra

I became a writer in my later years. I love blogging and sharing life with others. I speak to women's groups about the Christian life.
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