July 22 – Isaiah 23-27

This posting is from Jack Bass… hope you enjoy

Chapter 23. In this reading the city of tyre will be destroyed by God for there disobedience of his edicts. The Lord planned Tyres destruction to humble it. Tyre had always prospered because of Gods favor on it but had fell away from his teachings. For 70 years they are to be forgotten but after 70 years they will make a comeback as symbolized by the prostitute and its riches will be dedicated to God.

Chapter 24. Is a Prophesy of the destruction of the earth becase of all the sins of its people. Its another chapter that’s difficult to understand because how do you destroy the earth and still leave some faithful people on it. I won’t worry about how that can be accomplished because my faith in God is strong enough that if he says it will be done i believe it. This is a prophesy of end times and the return of Christ to collect his church.

Chapter 25. Is about praising God for all he does in Faith and of us being faithful to him. We should all praise him each and every day for all we have and the peace we have in him. Our Praise mainly I feel should be to God for bringing Jesus into our lives for without him we all would fail.

Chapter 26. Verses 1-9 are all about our praising God for all the wonderful things he is doing for us. Verse 9 says it all. My soul yearns for you in the night; in the morning my spirit longs for you. I believe The rest of the chapter is dedicated to more of end times and punishment for sinners.

Chapter 27. This chapter is about God will defeat and punish the devil. God will rebuild Israel to his liking. He will destroy all the graven images. When the trumpet sounds Jerusalem will come to life so to speak because God is calling all his people back to him. Lots of rambling in this post because I have much trouble trying to understand what Isiah is speaking about. Its all good and I thank God for his writings. In Christ, Jack.

Father God I pray that I have not written anything in this post to offend you. I wrote what I thought I understood but am not sure of it all. Forgive me if I have. Please give all of us who are involved in this bible read in a year with more understanding or what we read. I ask your blessings on my church and our missionaries around the world. In Jesus most holy name I pray. Amen.

Tomorrow’s reading is found in 2 Kings 18:1-8 and 2 Chronicles 29-31 and Psalm 48


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One Response to July 22 – Isaiah 23-27

  1. Jack Bass says:

    2 Kgs 18: 1-8 Tells us a little bit about when King Hezekiah was king of Judah and his reign of 29 years. He was a good king and it says there were none like him before of since. It says he was a good king and held fast to God. I know God had to have blessed all that he did while he was King. He was the son of King Ahaz who according to what I read was as rotten as they come in the line of Kings of Israel. It amazes me how some on so rotten can be dad to someone so different. I wonder if or how much influence his mother Abijah had on him because she was the daughter of Zechariah and I haven’t heard any bad things about him. We will get to him later in our readings and will find out about him when we read the book of Zechariah.

    2 Chr 29. Is about a complete turn around from what his dad had done when he was King. He called all the people together and told them he was sure that all the problems they had was because they were not following God anymore and he completely had the temple cleansed of all impure things an restored to what God had told them to do in the first place when the temple was dedicated. After the temple was restored he had them offer sin offerings which amounted to thousands of animals as an offering for all committed sins. What a turn around.

    Chapter 30. KIng Hezekiah sent word to all of Israel and Judah to come celebrate the Passover. He told them he was sure all their problems was caused by their sin and falling away from Gods plan for them. Of course some came and some didn’t. I’M sure if this happened today it would be with the same results as he had when he asked them all to reconsecrate themselves to the Lord. Some came and some diddn’t.
    Chapter 31 tells of the great joy in Jerusalem because nothing like this Passover celebration had occurred since the reign of King Solomon. Because of this repentant mood the Lord blessed them once again because he had heard there prayers. God is good and always forgives if we just humble ourselves and ask.
    When all the celebration from the Passover had died down and all the people went home they were all on fire for God and went destroying all the worship objects they had been worshiping. It remind me of me going to a revival and how turned on I was for God when it ended. Maybe we should attend more of these uplifting events in our own lives. This chapter also explains how the Israeli’s were tithing after the Passover celebration and how they got back more than they gave. This holds true today. I have never missed anything since I started tithing to God. The saying you can’t out give God is so true.

    Ps 48. This Psalm describes the city of God and I assume that as being Jerusalem and the KIngs who were advancing on it with their armies and their awe at its sight that they all turned and fled. It almost makes me think this may be the New Jerusalem. In verse four we see them say that this God is our God for ever and ever and he will be our guide tell the end. In Christ, Jack.

    Father God your wonders are so good. You are so good to all of us even when we fall short of your desires for us. We fall away like so many have in the Bible I read but you always rescued them when the came to you in repentance. Likewise when we come and humble ourselves to you and beg your frogivness when we sin against you. You forgive and for that grace we are very thankful. I seek blessings on my church and our missionaries around the world. In Jesus holy name I pray. Amen.


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