The marital life of the prophet Hosea, who prophesied during a time of materialism and spiritual decay in the northern kingdom of Israel, is the focus for this short book that bears his name.  Under God’s direction, Hosea married Gomer, an adulterous woman.  Eventually, after Gomer had either become a slave or sold herself into prostitution, Hosea purchased her freedom and brought her back home. Though her adultery was grounds for divorcee, God told Hosea to offer her forgiveness.,

Hosea was told to record his marital experiences because his marriage to Gomer mirrored the relationship between God and his unfaithful “wife” (Israel). Despite God’s repeated calls for his people t repent and return to him, Israel remained unfaithful.  The people’s spiritual adultery brought them terrible suffering, yet God remained committed to them.  He promised Israel that, like Hosea did for Gomer, he would bring them home someday to his Messianic kingdom.

Hosea may have prophesied his message many years ago, but the lessons to be learned from it are timeless.  Perhaps you have a spiritually wayward child or grandchild within in your family, God’s message to us through Hosea is to remain faithful to them even when they have turned away from us. As God is faithful in his love to us, so we should be faithful in our love to others, confident that God has good plans for our lives.

Adapted from my grandmothers Bible

Tomorrows reading is Hosea 8-14

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I became a writer in my later years. I love blogging and sharing life with others. I speak to women's groups about the Christian life.
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