July 28 – Isaiah 35-36

Today’s application comes from Isaiah 35-5-10

Through His great and precious promises, God generously sprinkles His seed of joy in our heart.  Yet too often what we reap in our hearts is anything but joy. If you we were to look at these promises found here as flowers in a garden we would come to understand that faith takes root in the garden of trust.  That our love for God grows deeper as we experience His faithfulness to us through adversity and trials of all kinds shapes and sizes.

A quote from Grandmothers Bible said the following, “That the tender seedling of God’s joy and the stubborn weed of self-pity cannot survive in the same garden.”  I don’t know about you, but I sure do try to combine those too, and a few more incompatible items,  in the same garden. But the truth is I can’t, for one will choke out the other. The bottom line is I must choose which one I will let flourish and which one I will choose to choke out.

Joy is not just happiness or a feeling of euphoria; it is much more.  Joy is feeling of contentment rooted way down deep no matter the circumstances going on in our life or the world around us.  Joy doesn’t spring up from a life filled with only goodness and no pain.   This kind of joy takes root and blooms in a life filled with adversity. This kind of joy comes from the Holy Spirit as He cultivates in us His Fruit. This kind of joy comes from a life that has learned to lean on and trust in the one true God! It comes as we allow God to be our Master Gardner.

Circumstances in our world right now are not so great. But nevertheless God has it all in His eternal grasp and we have His promises right now today!  These promises weren’t just written to a people of long ago… they were written to us today!!!!  Faith is being sure, confident, of what we hope for and and certain of what we do not see.

May you find joy in the promises of God found in Isaiah.

Until next time – Be encouraged



About Sandra

I became a writer in my later years. I love blogging and sharing life with others. I speak to women's groups about the Christian life.
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One Response to July 28 – Isaiah 35-36

  1. Jack Bass says:

    Chapter 35 tells of Gods restoration of the land and the people. After the judgement of the nations in Isaiah 34 God will bring a beautiful restoration. I feel like he is saying the ones with the feeble knees and fearful hearts to buck up and know that he is our real God and will give us the strength to share our faith with others. The highway of holiness described is a highway that I would like to be able and worthy of walking with my Lord and savor Jesus Christ.

    Chapter 36. The king of Assyria sent his field commander to speak to the people of Jerusalem and to try to demoralize them into thinking that there was no way they had a chance against the Assyrian army. He was talking like some used car salesman that I have encountered fast and furious. He was belittling King Hezekiah in every possible way. You know the devil is the same way today in trying to talk us into giving up on God much the same way this commander was trying to convince Jerusalem they didn’t have a chance. He used every fear tactic in the book and even went so far as to tell them if they fought they would end up drinking their own urine and eating their own waste. UGGGG! what a thought. I feel like the devil don’t want to fight with us as he would rather talk us into doing bad things much like this army commander is trying to get the people so they didn’t trust Hezekiah anymore. I’M sure as we read on we will find out how this ruse worked. In Christ, Jack.

    Father God always give me strength to stand against the Devil when he is trying to talk me into Hell so I ca be with him when you finally decide to put him and his angels where they belong. My wish is to be with you and your son and my savor Jesus in Heaven. I seek blessings on my church and our missionaries around the world. In Jesus precious name I pray. Amen.


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