August 14 – Jeremiah 7-9

I have sort of gotten side-tracked here in Jeremiah.  I have chosen to do an in-depth study of Jeremiah.  And wow am I learning a lot.  But, that also means I have not been posting like I should, so, I am going to take advantage of my good friend Jack and post for all of you his comments.  Thank you so much Jack for your support!

Until next time – Be encouraged


Synopsis from Jack Bass follows

Chapter 7 – God is speaking to Jeremiah telling him to stand at the gate to the Temple and shout to all the people of Judah how angry he is for all their sinful ways. But yet he tells them if they change their ways he will allow them to live in the country and will work with them so they can have a good life. He tells them he has been watching them while they are in the Temple and they are still defiling his house with their sinful ways. They feel like as long as they are in the Temple they are safe but he is assuring them they are not safe if their sin continues. I feel like some of our churches today are still committing this error. Are we as hard-headed as they were back then??? God tries to tell his people to look at corrective actions he has taken in the past and to know this can and will happen to his house where they are worshiping. He will tear it down not because he wants to but because of the sin of his people. He tells them their prayers to him mean nothing if their prayers are shallow and meaningless or self-serving. He knows what is in our hearts when we pray and we should never forget that. He now tells Jeremiah he knows that no matter what is speaks of to his people they will not listen so he is about to punish them severely. His wrath will fall on this generation of Baal worshipers. He tells them the land will be desolate. We are fooling ourselves if we think because Jesus died for our sins and we are covered by his blood and can do anything we feel like doing. That could be a fatal mistake because we are still expected to obey what is written.

Chapter 8 – Jeremiah tells the people, that at a certain time, all the bones of all the corrupt Kings and officials of Judah along with the bones of all the Priests and Prophets will be removed from their graves and will be on display like dung lying on the ground. This is how strong his wrath is for these corrupt leaders for them not delivering his message to the people in a strong enough language that they all could understand. Verses 4-20 pretty well sums up my thoughts on the people as being a stupid bunch for not seeing all the bad things they were doing just to spite God. After all he did and still does they and even some of us think he is just a pipe dream. We will all find out one day and I want to be on his side when the end comes. These verses also tells of the punishment the people will endure for their unbelief and for their worship of all the false Idols and other forms of pagan worship of which they had many. I wonder if these other forms of worship comes from their captivity in Egypt as we remember the Egyptians had Gods everywhere you looked. The last few verses is of God showing care and love for his people if they will only seek him and prayerfully seek his face. God is a merciful God and wants whats best for us.

Chapter 9 – Starts with Jeremiah crying his eyes out because he has spoken of the terror the Lord has planned for all who live in the land. He understands that all Gods people are not worthy of Gods saving grace because they have all broken all Gods commandants. They are all a lying deceitful wicked bunch of Dung as expressed in the previous chapter. The rest of this chapter lays out Gods destroying Jerusalem and punishment of the people. At the end of this chapter God leaves the door open for all that would place their trust in him that he would accept them even though they aren’t deserving of his mercy. In Christ, Jack.

Father God I come this evening full of love for you and your son Jesus. I understand that without you in my life I am nothing. Without Jesus I would never have the chance for eternal salvation and for that alone I am eternally grateful. Thank-you father for your love and guidance throughout what is left of my life. I want to serve you Lord. Show me what you would have me do and I will do it. I seek blessings for my church and our missionaries around the world. In Jesus most precious name I pray. Amen


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