August 16 – Jeremiah 14-17

Synposis from Jack Bass follows – Thank you so much Jack!

Chapter 14 – The people are in tears because no rain water is forthcoming. God is starting to punish them for all their insolence. Without rain they have no food either. God provides all this for us and do we really appreciate it. Take it away for a while and we really do. They are starting to admit their sins as we all are prone to do when things go bad. Our prayer should always be to God for all he does for us every day. We shouldn’t just remember God when times are bad but always seek is face and praise him because he is good. God tells Jeremiah that he is about to really punish “this” people. Did you catch “this” people instead of what God usually call them “his People”. You just know God has given up on them. Jeremiah tries telling God that Prophets are telling the people, that God will not punish them and will bring rain. God tells Jeremiah that these Prophets are not his Prophets. These Prophets are not from God and are Idolaters and liars and have no place mentioning Gods name. They will all die by his hand. Jeremiah admits his sin and the sin of all Gods people but pleads for God not to desert them. In his plea to God he even tells God of his covenant with his people and pleads it him not to break it. He seems to forget that the people have broken this covenant many times and God has forgiven them many times but not this time I fear. I also believe that God still hears the prayer of an honorable and sincere person. Such a prayer from us will secure us a place at his table in Heaven if we just humbly ask him.

Chapter 15 – Gods anger is such that even Moses and Samuel was pleading this case before him he wouldn’t change his mind. It makes me wonder if they could plead a case even though they are in heaven. I don’t suppose they can so we will have to listen to the holy spirit and offer our own petitions to God. Jeremiah pleads with God to forgive any wrongs he may have committed. God tells Jeremiah that he will be forgiven if he repents of all sins committed and seeks Gods pardon and you will be my spokesperson to my people. I feel like we could all take this scripture to be meant for us all to know that if we are upright and honest people we can and should be spokesmen and spokeswomen for God.

Chapter 16 – Jeremiah is told by God that he is not to marry and have children. He is not to mourn for the dead or seek pleasure. In other words he is to convince himself that this sad destruction is coming on the land and will encompass all people. This is another scripture that probably gives the Catholics ammunition as to where a priest should stay holy and chaste. But I feel like he is speaking to Jeremiah so that Jeremiah would not have to witness his own family being destroyed like everyone else. God tells Jeremiah that when he tells his people all this they will be asking him why all this is to take place. Why is God being so mean to them for they feel like they haven’t committed any sins. They deceive themselves. Jeremiah is to tell them all that it is for the sins of their ancestors for not obeying his law even after he rescued them from slavery in Egypt. He goes on to tell them that their generation is worse than the other generation. He tells them that they are “more wicked” then their ancestors had been. Therefore they will be scattered into lands where they will be treated badly. This scripture is another example of God’s wrath on display when he shows all that he doesn’t appreciate his people worshiping other Gods. But he is also told Jeremiah a time is coming when I will collect all my people from wherever they may be and return them to the land he promised them in his covenant with them. This all came true in 1948 when the UN declared them a Nation. Not all have returned yet but I believe it is going to happen and when it is complete and they all have returned we can all start looking for Jesus to appear in the sky on a big white horse along with a host of Angels and we will all  see this happen. It will be visible to all people on earth.

Chapter 17 – Starts by telling us that our sins are such that after a while in our committing of them we take them as not sinning but God still does because he remembers all sin whether we remember them or not. What is said in this scripture why gain it all while we live and then when we die what does it mean “nothing”. We should all place our hope in Jesus and not on the temporal things of this earth for he is coming and we should all be ready for his return for without him we are nothing. Jeremiah prays to God that although he has served him there have been times when he could have done better. He is admitting that he is a sinner even though he was called by God to be his spokesperson and is not perfect. We should take this to mean for us to remember that we are not perfect just because we all have accepted Jesus. We should strive to be a better person and seek God when we aren’t. Verses 19-27 worry me a lot because we have all fell into the trap of not keeping the Sabbath holy as the Lord has commanded. Our culture has slowly crept away from this command and it really does worry me. I just pray that God will forgive us for these omissions. We are a lot like his people in forgetting what he has instructed us to do in his book of instructions. May God forgive us all for what we forget.

In Christ, Jack.

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