August 17 – Jeremiah 18-22

Another great post by Jack Bass

Chapter 18. In these first few verses God is telling Jeremiah that the whole world to him is like a wad of clay. Just as the potter can reform a piece of clay he has made a mistake on and turns it into another beautiful pot. In the same fashion God can form the “world and us” into something beautiful just like when he made the Earth and the heavens. He can also in the same manner destroy it just as he formed it. He tells Jeremiah to warn the people living in Judah and Jerusalem of the plans he has to destroy them for the detestable things they have done just to spite Gods laws. He also tells Jeremiah he knows what their answers will be. They will rebel just as they always have. God in his mercy is willing to give them this chance even when he knows what answer will be given. He is the same with us today he bends over backward as he did with me to get my attention but he finally did it and for that I am eternally grateful. God tells Jeremiah that he intends to punish all of Israel because of their constant failure to live by his laws. He will destroy their land turning it into a worthless desert. He also tells of scattering his people all over the globe showing them his back and not his face. He is sick of them. Jeremiah prays telling God of whats in store for him (Jeremiah) because of his being Gods Prophet. The people are no more going to listen to anything he tells them rather they are going to destroy him with their tongues. In other words gossip. Even today doesn’t that sound familiar when we hear other folks speaking bad about another person. I say we should hold our tongues and not participate in any of these gossip sessions. We are always supposed to build someone up not tear some one down. At the end of this chapter Jeremiah is even fed up with the people and tells God to go ahead and destroy them all punish them however he sees fit.

Chapter 19. God told Jeremiah to purchase a potters Jar and take it along with elders and priests to the entrance of the Potsherd Gate telling all the people including Kings and other high officials that could hear his voice that the Lord was about to destroy all of Judah. He reminds them of all the sins they committed against God even including the burning of their own children as an offering to their foreign God Baal. It’s hard for me to even think of burning one of my children as an offering to some God who is fashioned by another person’s hand. I may be stupid but not that stupid. God tells Jeremiah when he has presented to the people what is about to happen to them by Gods hand then he is to smash the Pot he brought with him. This smashing of the pot indicates what Gods plans for them. Jeremiah told them all God’s wrath is going to take because they are hard-headed and can’t or won’t believe what God has told them. We all can take a lesson from this chapter on really putting all our faith in God and God alone for he is our one and only savior “Jesus” is the only way to Heaven.

Chapter 20. Things are really getting bad for Jeremiah with all this talk about God destroying Israel. The priest in charge of the temple heard Jeremiah speaking and had him beaten and put in stocks at the upper gate. Stocks were a form of leg irons that kept a person in one place so he could no longer wander around as Jeremiah did when he spoke of Gods plans for Israel. When he was released the next day he went right back to speaking of Gods wrath. This time he was speaking to the priest directly with no chance for his words to be changed. He told the priest that he and his family would be in exile in Babylon. Jeremiah goes on speaking to God and complaining about how the people are treating him with all the abuse he takes for being Gods spokesperson and feels like giving up but something in his bones makes him continue. I feel like that’s the holy spirit in him and that’s the same thing we have in us. We should all be proclaiming God to all we meet just like Jeremiah did. The last few verses is just how far Jeremiah went when he was complaining to God about all his misfortunes. It makes me think when we have rough spots like this we should be praying for our salvation rather than complaining about our misfortunes.

Chapter 21 I will keep this one short and sweet. The long and the short of all this is Jeremiah telling King Zedekiah that all who stay and fight the Babylonians will die but the ones that leave the city will live in captivity but at least they will live anyway. I read this chapter to mean that the King and his family are very wicked people and would be severely punished. God spares no one just because they have a high position. He treats us all the same when it comes to our love for him. I will try my best to honor God in all I say or do.

Chapter 22. This chapter starts with Gods displeasure for Shallum the King of Judah. This guy is a bad king with only his own comfort and pleasures in mind. It’s another example of a bad king following a good king. His father was Josiah one of the best Kings Judah ever had. God is telling him if he don’t start doing what is right he is going to banish him to a foreign Nation where he and his family will be captives and will never be heard of again and they will never see their own country again. God also plans to destroy Judah and make it a badlands. If we remember one thing about God is that he always rewards us with good things if we obey his commands but if we don’t obey he rewards us with bad things. He has proven this over and over with his chosen people. In Christ, Jack

Father God I come this morning seeking your blessing on the sick in my church as we have many who need your attention. Bless them with your healing touch whether it is physical or mental problems they are afflicted with. I also seek blessings on my own family and pray for salvation for those who don’t know you. Blessings also for our missionaries around the world. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.


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