August 19 – Jeremiah 26-29

Posting by Jack Bass

Jeremiah 26. Is pretty much like the chapters we have previously read in Jeremiah and even some other books of which I don’t remember. The Lord commanded Jeremiah to stand in the courtyard and tell the people of all the bad things that was going to happen to them if they didn’t straighten up  and fly right. They have been evil in so many ways and have treated God like a piece of hamburger and he is tired of it and is about to punish them. After Jeremiah had told them of the calamities they were facing they all seized him and said he must die. When I say all – I mean Prophets, Priests, and all the people in earshot. Jeremiah told all the officials if they killed him they would be punished for spilling innocent blood for he was just doing what God had told him to do.  The Elders of the land stepped in and after much thought they convinced the people Jeremiah had done nothing that he should die for. I feel like this is a good lesson for us. If we do the Lords work here on earth we may be belittled a little from fools who know no better. There are stupid people all over this world who resist God just like in these days we are reading about. If we just keep doing whats right and testify about God and for God we need fear no one for God will protect us just as he did Jeremiah.

Jeremiah 27. Jeremiah tells the King that God has told him that Judah and all surrounding countries must submit to The Nebuchadnezzar King of Babylon or be slaughtered. Jeremiah told them it was useless to fight because God was giving them to Babylon because of their unfaithfulness to him. Their worship of false gods has really angered him. God tells them if they serve Babylon they will live but if they don’t he will punish them. Jeremiah tells the people they are not to listen to the false Prophets and false Priests because they are not from God he has not sent them. God tells the people they will lose all they have and all the Gold and precious stones to the King of Babylon but for them not to worry about the loss because when he decides its time to go back to the Promised Land he will restore everything. God is the ruler over all the world. We sometimes feel like his interest is in his people alone but we should know that we are all his people and he loves us all and he proved that when he gave his son on the cross for our salvation.

Chapter 28. A false Prophet named Hananiah was spreading lies about what God has supposedly told him about freeing all the people who was serving the King of Babylon. He promised in Two years they would all be free. He broke the wood yoke that Jeremiah had around his neck.  God came to Jeremiah and told him to say to Hananiah the false Prophet that instead of the wood yoke all his people would be wearing an Iron Yoke and they would serve Babylon would be wearing an iron yoke from now on. Jeremiah also told Hananiah that he was going to die within one year for what he has done in Gods name when he was not called by God to say things that God never said. The false Prophet Hananiah died in seven months from when God said he would die. Moral of story is don’t mess with God.

Jeremiah 29. In these verses we find that two letters from God through Jeremiah was written to Gods people while in Captivity in Babylon. The first letter was to tell them to cooperate with the King of Babylon and do his wishes because things would be smoother for them if they did. They at least would survive the seventy year of captivity. Something just occurred to me that maybe God gave them a seventy year sentence so that all the ones who had been so bad would all die off and the new crop of his people would embrace him with their love when he did bring them home just as he did when he made them wander in the desert when he rescued them from Egypt. Another thought about this is that God told them to marry and have children and increase in numbers while they were in captivity and that’s similar to what happened when seventy people over four hundred people amounted to a million or more when God rescued them. Just thoughts of mine!!!. The second letter was about all the lies this so-called Prophet Shemaiah had told Gods people while in captivity. He did all this Lying to the ones in exile in the name of God and God had not sent him so he was a false Prophet. God tells him that his days are numbered and that he will not see the good things he has promised his people because he has spoken lies about me when the exile is ended. In other words he is toast.

In Christ, Jack.

Father God Give me a clear head the remaining days I have to live that I might proclaim you might and power but most of all your love to all I meet. Let your love be seen in me so that it might reflect to all I meet. I seek blessings for my church as well as our Missionaries around the world. In Jesus precious name I pray. Amen.


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I became a writer in my later years. I love blogging and sharing life with others. I speak to women's groups about the Christian life.
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