August 23 – Jeremiah 38-40 and Psalms 74 and 79

Jeremiah 38 This chapter tells me that people don’t want to hear the truth when its something they don’t want to know is true. God through Jeremiah is trying to make it as easy on them as possible by telling them to just give up to the Babylonians because he has ordained all this tragedy to happen because of their unbelief and sins against him. Jeremiah is thrown  into prison for spreading the news. King Zedekiah was Leary of what we going on so he had Jeremiah brought to him to see what Jeremiah had to say and Jeremiah told him of Gods plans to punish the country for their sins. The King was afraid for his own life and. Jeremiah told him not to be afraid because God would take care of him if he only obeyed what God had told them to do. I see fear in this chapter from the King and even some fear from Jeremiah. If we are honest with ourselves we all have a little fear and consequences of sin in our own lives. Jeremiah was a good and faithful servant of God and yet he had some fear of death and where he would end up. That’s my opinion only and is not found in this text. Just in my thoughts as I read this chapter.

Jeremiah 39  We have been building up for the fall of Jerusalem and now we finally have it. It was a long time in coming as God had given the Israeli people many times to repent and ask for forgiveness but they were a stubborn bunch and wouldn’t listen to the many Prophets. Jerusalem was so strong and fortified that no one ever thought that it could be taken by an outside force but because of the continued sins of the people God had taken his protection away from the city. King Zedekiah should have listened to Jeremiah and because of his failure to do so his is eyes were gouged out. Jeremiah had warned him this would all happen if he resisted King Nebuchadnezzar and the Babylonians. If he would have accepted defeat God would have spared him all this agony. Perhaps we should all take note of how angry God becomes when we don’t pay attention to what he is telling us through his word. King Nebuchadnezzar didn’t want to harm Jeremiah so he had him freed from prison. I believe this is a direct result of Jeremiah’s faithfulness to God and I feel like King Nebuchadnezzar knew that also and didn’t want to harm Jeremiah because he also might have had a little fear of God.

Chapter 40 King Nebuchadnezzar’s servant Nebuzaradan was commander of the imperial guard and he had the job of releasing Jeremiah from prison. Jeremiah is freed from his chains and is told he can go anywhere in the land he wants to go. He is a free man. God takes care of those who serve him. Commander of the Guard Nebuzaradan told him he could go to Babylon and serve the King and he would always take care of him or he was free to go where he wanted. Jeremiah chose to stay in his country and serve Babylon from there. He was following Gods commands and God had promised him safety.

Psalm 74  This psalm seems to describe the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple by the Chaldean’s. God had told them all this was going to happen. They didn’t believe him and now they pay the price. If they had all just once came to God in earnest prayer he more than likely would not have let them be overrun. They were a very hard-headed bunch and thought they were smarter than God. The latter part of this Psalm is a call to God to defend his honor and for God to defeat his enemies.

Psalm 79 It had finally happened the fall of Jerusalem to the Babylonians just as God told them it would happen. The most devastating event in history of all Israel. The latter part of the Psalm is the pleading of the Psalmist for God to punish the enemies for what they have done to his holy city. He promises God that the people have all changed their ways and will follow him completely now if he will only intervene in what is happening. God of course knows the heart of his people and knew that they hadn’t changed at all. However I feel like it’s about time that they would follow him. God has made promises to them before and he will carry out his promises. He has promised them they will be returned to the Promised Land and he also promised them a savior. We know from our studies God has fulfilled both of these promises.

In Christ, Jack

Father God my love for you is strong. The more I read the stronger it  gets. I pray for strength to endure. You are my hope and my strength. What you did when you sent your one and only son to die a horrible death for my sins is unbelievable. Jesus is my Savior and I can’t wait to meet him. I seek blessings on my church as well as our missionaries around the world. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.


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I became a writer in my later years. I love blogging and sharing life with others. I speak to women's groups about the Christian life.
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