Is there an Egypt in your life? August 26 – Jeremiah 41-45

As I read these chapters today a continual thought kept going through my head.  The Israelites wanted to return to Egypt.  No matter the warnings or the declarations and promises of doom and destruction by God; they were determined to return to Egypt. We are several generations away from their ancestors who were delivered from Egypt and yet the same thing which kept their ancestors wandering for 40 years in the desert, is still the root of their upcoming demise; the desire to return to Egypt.

There are lots of historical significance’s in these chapters, but in my usual style, I couldn’t help but wonder about the application for my life. Do I long for Egypt like the Israelites do?  Not the literal Egypt, but those things that call me continually, those things that pull me to another time, another situation, and away from God?  Is there an Egypt in my life?  Do I long for a time or a place of years gone by? Am I following in the footsteps of my parents, grandparents in areas that I should not be following?  Am I longing for a time when life was better, easier, more manageable, with less bumps in the road?

I would like to challenge each of you to go before the Lord today and ask Him to reveal to you the Egypt’s in your life. Maybe you will find you have none, but I suspect we all have a little longing for Egypt in our lives.  I confess I do.  And may I share with you, that as I sat here quietly asking God to show me it was only a matter of seconds before my Egypt’s were beginning to roll before my eyes. Some I recognized right away and understood from the git-go, yep that’s an Egypt.  But others were so subtle, that without this time spent before God, I would never have recognized them for what they were.

I think there are phrases that will help us in recognizing the Egypt’s in our lives, comments like – “I probably should never have…”, “Sometimes I long for …”, “Remember when…”, “If only God would have given me…, or let me…., or shown me… then…”. “Why, God?” These statements are not always a reflection of longing for a time when life was better, but certainly could be. And, I suspect theses are not the only indicators.  Ask God to stop you, to help you recognize those times when the things you are saying are really a reflection of a longing for an Egypt in your life.    Remember the Egypt’s in our lives are those thing we long for when, in our perspective, life was better; life was easier; life was more comfortable; more to our liking”.

Let me share with you an example from my own life – health?  I have some physical challenges brought on by lots of things, some of it my own choosing and some I had nothing to do with.  I often find myself wishing for ease of motion, no pain, a life when I could do more, etc.  This in and of themselves is not bad and fairly normal.  It never really struck me until this morning that what I was saying to God is, “Hey God, I liked it better when life was better!” – implication – “God, why aren’t you taking care of me?” “God, why did you let this happen?” “God, life was better when” God, why can’t I have what I had before?” Sound familiar?  Because I am spending so much time longing for a life I had when, that I am missing the opportunities which God has for me right here, right where I am, in whatever condition I am in.

The bottom line is, God can do much with a life that is totally surrendered to Him.  But, He can’t do much with us if we are always longing to return to things or times gone past; an Egypt.  Those Egypt’s become stumbling blocks to all God has for us.

Here is to leaving Egypt once and for all!

I would love to hear the Egypt discoveries in your own lives.  Please feel free to share a comment or two.

Until next time – Be encouraged.


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I became a writer in my later years. I love blogging and sharing life with others. I speak to women's groups about the Christian life.
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One Response to Is there an Egypt in your life? August 26 – Jeremiah 41-45

  1. Jack Bass says:

    Jeremiah 41 This chapter has way to many names for me to ever try to keep up with with my limited skill as a bible scholar. Ishmael who was a descendant of King David and with a little bit of deception killed Gedaliah the new Governor who had been appointed Governor over all the poor Jews who had not been taken when Jerusalem fell to the Babylonians. He also killed some other Jews who were with him. The story includes bribery as a means of escaping death. We all know that our lives are nothing without God and there is no bribing our way into heaven Our only way in is to accept Jesus Christ as our savior and to live as clean a life as possible and also to pray to God everyday for forgiveness of our sins for try as we may we all commit some each and every day.

    Chapter 42. This a story of the people that remained in Jerusalem after the Babylonians took control over the city and moved all the smart and wealthy people to Babylon. They left the ragtags in Jerusalem. Jeremiah was still in Jerusalem and the people approached him and asked him to pray to God and tell them all God had to say. God told Jeremiah and he in turn told the people that those who remained in Jerusalem would be OK. He told them not to fear if they obeyed. don’t want any misunderstandings, now, do we? Did you notice although Jeremiah had an inside track to God it still took him ten days to get an answer, Think about that so do we expect to get an immediate answer to prayer. I don’t think so although I keep hoping. He has warned them so many times and they still don’t get it. He has promised them a future if they remain but some were afraid of the Babylonians and went to Egypt anyway. I feel like God has had enough with Egypt as he delivered plagues against Egypt and delivered them all from captivity and didn’t want to go through that all over again.

    Chapter 43. Although these ragtags that remained in Jerusalem had been warned by Jeremiah not to leave and go into Egypt they did not believe him and they went anyway. He also told them that if they fled to Egypt God would make life miserable for them. They would die by the sword, Famine and plagues. Jeremiah also told them Nebuchadnezzar’s wrath will be felt in Egypt, but not Judah. That’s the message, but it takes Jeremiah 14 verses to say it (9-22). What a bunch of dummies. Will they ever learn. It makes me wonder about us and whether under the same circumstances would we do the same. That’s where faith comes in. They were deathly afraid that the Babylonians would take them to Babylon and make slaves of them so they chose Egypt where their ancestors had been held for four hundred years as slaves. In verses 8-13 God told Jeremiah that he would send his servant Nebuchadnezzar to conquer Egypt and for their disobedience once again they would be destroyed along with the Egyptians. Nebuchadnezzar would rule over Egypt.

    Chapter 44. In this chapter God is venting his anger with the people remaining in Judah. He tell them that he is aware of all their sins including the women burning incense to the woman God of heaven. He lets them know that he is the only God and they should get this through their thick heads. (My words not his) He tells them that the ones that went to Egypt would not escape his anger that he would have King Nebuchadnezzar attack Egypt and destroy the land and inhabitants. I wish all those folks that says God is Good and wouldn’t think of hurting anybody so that’s why they don’t feel like its necessary to follow his word or except Christ as savior. They don’t read the same bible I do because my God is a jealous God and when he is disobeyed he can turn real mean and punish people as he has just demonstrated in this Chapter. I could also quote many other times when he had been mean because he wasn’t obeyed.

    Chapter 45 Jeremiah is speaking through Baruch and the people are not receiving what he is telling them to well. He is not thought to highly of because of what he tells them. He stays the course and sticks to his guns with Gods message. I feel like this is what God wants us to do and not to cringe in the face of Criticism. Hold your head high and tell it like it is. God will reward us as he always has fort the ones who follow his word.

    Father God give me wisdom and courage to spread you word to all I meet. Some people I speak to don’t want to hear your message and you have said when that happens that I should shake the dust from my feet and move on. I find that hard to do when talking to loved ones but I do get awfully discouraged when the rebuke me. Give me strength Lord to hold fast to my belief. I love you Lord. I ask for your blessings on my church as well as our missionaries. In Jesus name I ray. Amen.


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