August 30 – Lamentations 1-3:36

As I have said early on in our reading of Jeremiah, and now Lamentations, I am beginning to see some great lessons in the life of Jeremiah; I think he is quickly becoming one of my favorite prophets.  Why?  Jeremiah was right where he was supposed to be – doing what he was supposed to be doing – following all the Lord’s command’s, walking and talking with the Lord, and yet his life was not easy.  Too often, we, well at least me, think that when we are living out the Lord’s calling in our lives that life will be easy and that we will be blessed.  Well we are, but often the blessing does not come in the way we expect or think.

As I was reading the first 3 chapters of Lamentations my initial reaction was one of sadness and heartsickness (is that a word?)  I see Jeremiah fluctuate between his heart hurting for the children of God and his own struggles and lament; my heart was aching for Jeremiah.  Then, I get to verses 3:21-24 and I see Jeremiah’s hope.  He knows God’s faithfulness; He has tasted and knows of God’s great love, compassion and mercy. Jeremiah’s confidence and resolve comes from his relationship with God.  We learn from Jeremiah that when life looks hopeless we are not.  When our situations continue on and on and on and on and – we can know that God is in the midst of it all.  We can know that when we go to God each morning His compassion – His mercies will be new and we can find strength for the day, for God’s faithfulness is unwavering, steadfast and true!

Jeremiah also is a good mentor in this chapter, he not only reveals hope in the situation but he shares with the answer to finding that hope when we lose our way.  In verses 24-27 Jeremiah tells us to

1. Say to ourselves the Lord is our portion – wait upon Him

2. The Lord is good to those whose hope is in him, to the one who seeks Him (seek the Lord)

3. It is good to wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord (in other words don’t be taking matters into your own hands – wait for God).


Until next time – Be Encouraged


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I became a writer in my later years. I love blogging and sharing life with others. I speak to women's groups about the Christian life.
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One Response to August 30 – Lamentations 1-3:36

  1. Jack Bass says:

    Lamentations 1. This chapter is and sounds like Jeremiah’s writing. There is really no continuity of thought throughout it all. It repeats various themes in different ways. It gives us a lot of descriptions of calamity, along with much psychological and emotional reactions of the people. The chapter speaks of Jerusalem once being a mighty city and now it is nothing. Its people set around and do nothing except to lament of what and how it used to be. We are talking of the ones who were left behind when Babylon captured the city and took the ones they wanted to Babylon. The latter part of the chapter finds the people finally begging God to end their misery and God does in his time. God indeed answered their prayers, in time, bringing an even more terrible judgment upon Babylon than upon Jerusalem. The awful destruction of Jerusalem actually made the destruction of all the pagan nations surrounding her an urgent necessity from God’s viewpoint, because the ancient idea was that the defeat of any nation meant also the defeat of their God. Thus, the falling away of God’s people and the necessity of their destruction put the purpose of the Almighty absolutely back to square one as far as convincing all nations of his righteous reign among men.

    Chapter 2. This chapter is all taken up with God. In Lam. 2:1-12, all the woes are bemoaned as being God’s work, and His alone; and Lam. 2:13-17 give a short resume of this; Lam. 2:18f urges the city to cry to God for help; and, in Lam. 2:20-22, she does so. The main point of this chapter is that it was God Himself who destroyed the people and their city; and the writer seldom strays very far from that main point. This has to be Jeremiah’s writing because of all the sadness written into it. I have mentioned before in my analysis of some of what I have read is the God of American Pulpits today is generally considered as a namby-pamby, an old fuddy duddy, somewhat like an over-indulgent old grandfather, too lazy, indifferent or unconcerned to do anything whatever, no matter what crimes of blood and lust roar like a tornado under his very nose. The Bible does not support such an image of God! Yes, He is a God who loves mankind, who gave His Son upon the Cross for human redemption. He is a God of mercy, forgiveness, grace and forbearance, but when any man or any nation has fully demonstrated final rejection of God’s love and their rebellion against His laws, that wonderful, loving, forgiving God will at last appear in His character as the enemy of that man or that nation. So much sadness in this chapter. I feel like their only hope is prayer and lots of it. We all know or at least should know that God loves to hear from us in prayer and the more the better he likes it.

    Chapter 3:36. In my study of this chapter I find that many Bible scholars can’t agree that it was Jeremiah that wrote these chapters but they do agree if he didn’t write them the story is like his life’s story. In verse one we see where it says I am the man that hath seen affliction by the rod of his staff. Of all the men who lived through that terrible period, no one had a better right to say this than Jeremiah. “In more ways than one this brings us to the very heart of the book. It even gives us a first hand glimpse of the sufferings of Christ with which it has similarities. To say the Lord doesn’t see all the misery his people suffer is all wrong as shown in verses 34-36 The fact of God’s strong disapproval of the cruel and sadistic actions of Israel conquerors carried with it also a pledge of the ultimate severe punishment and destruction of those evil people. God always takes care of his Bride. The Israeli Nation. In Christ, Jack.

    Father God I come in humble adoration thinking you for the beauty of the day and for the beauty of this universe that you have made for our pleasure. You are a great God and the only God that I love and I also know you are the one and only God. I praise your holy name. I ask for blessings on my church as well as our missionaries. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.


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