September 1 – Ezekiel 1-4

Happy September 1st my friends,

It won’t be long before there will be an autumn chill in the air.  May you continue to enjoy the last fruits of summer 🙂

The book of Ezekiel was written by Ezekiel. He was among the 2nd group to be taken into captivity in Babylon.  I suspect that until this very moment in his life he had not been a prophet. But God was about to use him in ways he had not imagined before.

Ezekiel could only speak when the Lord prompted him to proclaim His message.  Unless he was prophesying for God he could not speak; that is not until Jerusalem has fallen (Ezekiel 33). Again even though this book was written for another time and another people, we will find personal applications within its pages for us today.

For instance did you notice in chapter 3 the following words, “give them warning from me.  When I say to a wicked man, ‘You will surely die,’ and you do not warn him or speak out to dissuade him from his evil ways in order to save his life, that wicked man will die for his sin, and I will hold you accountable for his blood. But if you do warn the wicked man and he does not turn from his wickedness or from his evil ways, he will die for his sin; but you will have saved yourself.” “Again, when a righteous man turns from his righteousness and does evil, and …etc. and the same holds true for a righteous person. Ezekiel is to warn both sides – to speak truth to both sides the righteous and the unrighteous – the followers and the non-followers.

We may not be prophets as Ezekiel was, but today, like Ezekiel, we have a responsibility to speak God’s truth to others.  We have a responsibility to share with those who do not know God that message that He is God and that we have sinned against him and are sinning against God; the news that we must turn from evil and turn to God.  We have a responsibility to tell fellow Christians when they have slipped and are walking in dangerous territory, when they have drifted far away from the God they serve (much as the children of God did in the Old Testament).  We have a responsibility to warn them.  Like Ezekiel our job is to speak, whether they listen or not is up to them.  But we must do our part!

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One Response to September 1 – Ezekiel 1-4

  1. Jack Bass says:

    Ezekiel 1. Wow!!! what a chapter to read. I really can’t say I understand any of it except when it gets to verse 26 where it describes God in all his Glory. Its a very complicated chapter and looking at it from a human perspective only someone like Ezekiel as a priest and a Prophet could have possibly understood what it all meant. I am not real sure even he understood it all. I can only surmise that it all represents the total power of God and what all the different wings, Straightaway look, face of a man and all the other descriptions of the vision I will leave up to someone much smarter that I am or will ever hope to be. I do however see why Ezekiel fell on his face when he saw it. Whether he understood it was God or just something that scared him I leave up to you.

    Ezek 2. Now this chapter is more to my liking with my limited brain power. God is speaking to Ezekiel and telling him to listen closely because what he has to say is to be said to a rebellious nation and he wants them to understand where He (Ezekiel) got this information from. God wants them to know that a Prophet of his is among them and they should listen to what he says. In verse three son of man is an expression I thought was associated with Jesus only but I guess I was wrong.

    Ezek 3. The last verse in Chapter two had God presenting a scroll to Ezekiel and the opening verse of Chapter has God telling Ezekiel to open his mouth and eat the scroll. God tells him to eat it all and fill his stomach and bowels with it. Ezekiel did fill his stomach and said it tasted like honey. This could mean Gods words are sweet. This chapter has another reference to son of man and it was relating to Jesus. Ezekiel must have been special for God to call him son of man a distinction for Jesus Christ I thought. My thought on eating the scroll is somehow by him eating the scroll he would digest it all so he could communicate it all to the people. God gave him explicit instructions as to who and how he was to do this. He was to present the information to the wicked and if they accepted it they would be saved but if not they would die. He was to present it to the righteous and the same thing was true. If Ezekiel failed to deliver the message they would die but the blood was to be on his hands. Not a good thing if he failed. It took him seven days before he gave the message to the people. I have no idea but suspect as a man he was scared and it took that long to get his courage up. I feel like likewise we are supposed to study the bible and digest it so we can communicate it to people we meet.

    Chapter 4. God is telling Ezekiel that Jerusalem is about to be destroyed. He has told other Prophets this same thing. I wonder why he had to tell so many of the fall of Jerusalem. I’M sure after a while the people all thought he was just joking. You know the one about the sky is falling.This truth has been revealed in some of the other books we have read. He then instructs Ezekiel to lay on his side for 390 days for Israel’s sins. Then he is to turn over and lay on that side for 40 days for Judah’s sins. I’M not sure what this is all about other than he might be bearing Israel and Judah’s sins like Jesus did on the cross for all mankind. Thus the term son of man is used for him. During all this time he is to eat a meager ration of food. Just enough to keep him alive. I feel once again like this is the same as Jesus suffered when he gave his life for all. Ezekiel told God that he had never eaten defiled food. God told him alright you can cook it over cow dung instead of the human excrement he had ordered in the first place. Ug!!! what a relief. Good old cow dung for fuel to cook over. In Christ, Jack.

    Father God. I see your power in all I read in your book but I also see your love for mankind. You are a just God but you are also a loving God and that’s the side of you I always want to see. I know of you love when you allowed your one and only son to come to earth as a human and be crucified on a cross so all men and women would have a chance at eternal life if they just accept him as their savior. I ask for blessings on my church and our missionaries around the world. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.


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