Of the World? September 2 – Ezekiel 5-8

Ezekiel is not an easy book to read, this is for sure. It is not easy for several reasons:

1. There is much symbolism which we may not understand today.

2.  The children of God have strayed so far, they are almost unrecognizable.

3. To see God’s righteous anger is a hard thing to observe.

One thing I did observe is that the children of Israel were a completely rebellious group almost autonomous in their actions.  Did you notice in chapter 5 where God says to them “You have been more unruly than the nations around you and have not followed my decrees or kept my laws.  You have not even conformed to the standards of the nations around you.” Not only are they not following God, but they are not even conforming to that which they are seeking. They are a people lost in their rebellion, they have no foundation.

How did they get so far away from God?  How did they get so confused as to who they were?  They didn’t arrive there over night.  If you look back over their history they arrived there little by little; each time they rebelled or refused to follow what they knew to be true; each time they chose a different idol over God; each time they prayed to a different god; each time they allowed another ungodly culture to influence them. Ever so slowly they began to lose the essence of who they were until they were no longer connected or rooted in anything other than themselves.

The application in all this, for me, is to ask the question, “What have I let ever so slowly become a part of my life, which does not belong there”? “What influences have I let become a part of who I am, that should not be”?

We must live in the world, but Jesus has called/asked us to of the world.  How much of the world is a part of who I am and what I do? How much more so, should Christ be?

Until next time – be encouraged


About Sandra

I became a writer in my later years. I love blogging and sharing life with others. I speak to women's groups about the Christian life.
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One Response to Of the World? September 2 – Ezekiel 5-8

  1. Jack Bass says:

    Ezek 5. This chapter is very hard to read and think that God would do all these terrible things to his people but we have to put it all in perspective. He has warned them time and time again, over and over if they didn’t shape up and respect his laws and stop the detestable acts of worshiping other Gods he would destroy them. He has finally reached the end of his rope and is about to do what he has promised. A strange way to do it as he has Ezekiel cut all his hair and shave his head. This to me by doing so he is representing himself (Ezekiel) as the nation of Israel and the degrading condition they are in. The description of Cannibalism is very descriptive and shows God is true to his word in the destruction of Jerusalem with parents eating their children and children eating their parents. At the end of the chapter he shows love for them even through his anger is so great. He allows a third of them to escape death. Verse 14 God says I will make thee a desolation and a reproach among all the nations that are around and about thee, in the path of all who pass by. I believe that Gods power is on display here and as warning to his power to all foreign nations who see the destruction. This might be an inducement for them to be a little bit more respectful of God and his power for he made us all. There is so much in this chapter and I have difficulty in trying to describe it. I ask you to Just read it all and meditate on all its words.

    Ezek 6. Is all about God through Ezekiel setting out to destroy the entire nation of Israel and instructions on how it will be done. Gods anger at the entire nation was because of their continued practice of worshiping other Gods when they should know by now that he is the one and only God. I believe that this Prophesy from Ezekiel should and might also be considered as what will happen to the entire world when end time happens. God only has so much patience and it will happen as described in Revelation. I truly believe that end times are near. If you look at whats going on around us with the financial markets being in turmoil all around the world and the price of food going up. Remember what the bible (Rev 6:6) has to say about a quart of wheat costing a days wages. I have seen a loaf of bread go from a dime a loaf to as mush as five or six dollars a loaf in my lifetime. I know that many people don’t want to hear about end times and dismiss it in any way they can but the bible has so much to say about it. The only real thing it says definitely is BE READY. You remember the bride is the church and the “rapture” or to be taken away as its referred to in scripture will be when Jesus comes to get us. What a glorious day that will be. I hope and pray that it happens in my lifetime.

    Chapter 7. Its hard to read this chapter and to know what is about to take place on the Nation of Israel. This is a message of complete doom upon the whole land. Gods judgement is about to take place. Relations with God is about to be broken off. No more warnings as to whats going to happen to the nation and its people. There is nothing they can do now because Gods mind is made up. All the wealth that these folks have striven so hard to obtain will be of no use to them now. In Verse 7:2 “And you, son of man, thus says the Lord GOD to the land of Israel, `An end! The end is coming on the four corners of the land. I see this as a warning to us that the end will come to the world. It can’t just simply mean and end to a small nation like Israel. Four corners of the land indicates to me that he means the whole world.

    Chapter 8. This chapter we find God appearing to Ezekiel and taking him away so he could see all the detestable things the people were doing to dishonor him and his Temple. This I believe was a vision that Ezekiel saw rather than God actually taking him physically to the Temple. God showed him all the terrible things the people were doing in worshiping Idols of all different kinds. Gods anger is so great he is about to remove his presence from the Temple. Its hard for me to understand God in displaying Jealously but it states it here in these verses. These acts of pagan worship were actually being done in Gods temple and the people were actually tying to hide them from God. As if he wouldn’t know. How stupid can they be. These verses show the things that made God mad and even Jealous. Verses 5-6, 7-13, 14-15, 16-18. I believe that God was most upset when he saw the priests led by the high priest worshiping the Sun. In Christ, Jack.

    Father God I never want to hide anything from you. My life is an open book for you to inspect as I am sure you do and will when the judgement comes. I have committed many sins in my lifetime and I also know that you have seen them all. I also believe that my prayer for forgiveness has been answered. I know that Jesus has redeemed me and his promise of heaven is embedded in my very soul. I love him so much for when he gave his life for my sins. I seek blessing for my church as well as our missionaries. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.


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