Idols of the Heart – Ezekiel 13-15 – September 4

Did you notice 14:7?  God says “When any Israelite or any alien living in Israel separates himself from me and sets up idols in his heart …. And verse 8 says I will set my face against that man”.  Don’t get caught up in the male gender here, this would just as easily fit for the female gender as well.

Here is what I noticed.

1. The crime and punishment are the same for both God’s people and those who are not his followers.

2.  Idols are not only something exterior, but they are internal – something we can do from within our heart as well.

What I see is that when we behave as non-believer we are in essence the same as they and therefore the consequences will be the same.  So, perhaps when we disobey God today we should not be surprised by consequences.  We should not expect that because we our children of God that somehow he will treat us differently in that area.  But I must admit that from my own life experiences, God has always treated me very graciously when I have not been a good follower and have sinned or in essence turned back on Him.

And now I come to the idols… how does one have idols of the heart?  I understand the worshipping of idols that I can see, feel, and touch but what about the heart? To be honest I will have to chew on this one for a while.

I would love to hear what you have to say on this subject.  What do you see are potential idols of the heart?

Until next time,



About Sandra

I became a writer in my later years. I love blogging and sharing life with others. I speak to women's groups about the Christian life.
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2 Responses to Idols of the Heart – Ezekiel 13-15 – September 4

  1. Sandra Perdew says:

    Good food for thought. Thank you for taking time to share


  2. Jack Bass says:

    I think if we do something enough and enjoy it so much that we lose sight of God we have an Idols heart. We must not allow ourselves to be over run with these type things. A few that comes to mind are, Material things, Super quest for Knowledge, Wealth, Ourselves, Health, Other Gods or cults, Our own pleasure or comfort, success, physical appearance, Even watching to much football on TV, To much time on the computer. I would put it this way if the things we do take us away for thinking about God and what he has done for us in our lives then we probably have to many Idols in our life.


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