Ezekiel 22-24:14 – September 8

I read a little farther today as there was not much for me to comment on, in chapters 22 and 23, which we have not seen or heard before.  In chapter 24 I did not get far. The key verse here, I believe, is 24:12 – “It (the Israelites – God’s chosen) has frustrated all efforts; its heavy deposit has not been removed, not even by fire.” 

They had strayed so far that all efforts to clean them, to renew them, had failed and frustrated God.

I am glad I can only imagine how far a nation, a chosen people, would have to go to frustrate the heart of God.  I look at this and I see a patient, faithful Father; even as I read the Old Testament I find myself saying, “You just aren’t getting it are you”. “Does a ton of bricks need to fall on your head before you do”? “I would have smote you a long time ago”!  And then, I am reminded of me and my own stubbornness, my own way of going astray; I am reminded of what great lengths God has gone to be sure that we, you and me, are never in that situation again.  Jesus – it was, it is Jesus!

Until tomorrow,

Hugs Sandra

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I became a writer in my later years. I love blogging and sharing life with others. I speak to women's groups about the Christian life.
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2 Responses to Ezekiel 22-24:14 – September 8

  1. Jack Bass says:

    Ezekiel 22. I see in these chapters with all the continuation of sinning of all the people of Jerusalem and the whole nation that God has decided to wash his hands of all of it and them. He is ready for the fall of Jerusalem to happen. You would think that as many Prophets that had warned them of Gods anger at them for desecrating his name with their continual worship of the foreign Gods and Idols that they would listen. But they didn’t.I did some research to see where and how Jerusalem was destroyed. Jerusalem was completely destroyed twice and had been under siege twenty some times. Don’t you suspect that God had a hand in all this destruction because of all their evil practices. I sure do. You would have thought the people after all this would have behaved a little better but they never seemed to learn. They loved their Idols. This chapter gives a pretty good description of of all the ugly sins the people were committing. Some of this chapter reminds me of Noah’s time and the great flood. God was so angry at all mankind that he destroyed the whole world by having it rain for forty days and forty nights. Now his anger seems to be primarily against Jerusalem for all the shenanigans they have committed against him but also I feel like is against the whole country because they are all rotten to the core. Verses 21-30 describes what God thinks of all the priests and Prophets and what he will do to clean them all up from all their misdeeds. Its not a pretty picture but that’s what they get for abusing their privileges as leaders of the community and land.

    Chapter 23. Once again we have some very descriptive language to describe Jerusalem and Israel. I’m not absolutely sure but I think Samaria and Israel share the name Aholah. Judah and Jerusalem share the Name Aholibah. These two names depict two sister prostitutes who do about anything sexual to satisfy their desires. The language is vile, repulsive, crude, erotic and disgusting. I am sure this was the language as it was spoken in those days while today some of these phrases have been sugar coated so they don’t sound as nasty to the folks of today. They all mean the same in Gods eyes for he hates all sins. The sins in this chapter are described in Coarse brutal language. The whoring of these prostitutes is exactly what the country of Israel and the city of Jerusalem have always done in selling out on God so they might do what evil their hearts desires. God will not excuse them much longer the end is near. I feel like that can easily be said of today all around the world. The country’s around the world have forgot God in so many ways. God is I feel about ready to put the hammer down. In Christ, Jack.

    Father God. Don’t give up on America. I pray for the country as well as the people who are our leaders. Give them wisdom to know and to do what is right so that our country might dig itself out of the mess we are n. Give our leaders wisdom to know that if we pull support from Israel you aren’t going to like that one bit. You have always supported us because we always supported Israel and I feel like that support is slowly being taken away. I seek your blessing on my church as well as our missionaries around the world. In Jesus name I pray. Amen


  2. Jack Bass says:

    Ezekiel 20. I have been thinking of all the Idolatry’s the Israeli nation has flirted with their entire existence. I wonder if it all stemmed from the long captivity they had while under the Pharaoh in Egypt for four hundred years. Being there so long and with the influence of the Idol worship that existed in that land. Of course we would expect that they would have learned something of the real God when he rescued them from Egypt and all the plagues he placed on Egypt through Moses. This chapter shows us even after God rescued them they still chose to worship Idols. God gave his laws to Moses in the wilderness and the people totally rejected them choosing the Idols instead. God could have killed them all right there but through his mercy he punished them and they wandered for forty years so that all the older people would die off and the new generation would be given their chance. In verse forty nine we can see what the Israelites think when they say he is just talking in parables again. They never learn. When the end comes they will finally recognise Jesus and welcome him to join them from his perch in the sky.

    Chapter 21. As I read this chapter I am reminded of all the other Prophets that have gave this same warning to the Jews and just how much attention they paid to it. This chapter contains Gods anger by manifestation of the Sword and Fire. The sword or fire probably could mean War, Death Destruction and some others that I can’t name. All I know is God is very angry at all the evil that he sees in the people and is about ready to put an end to it. How many times has the nation failed him and how many times has he forgiven them and established new covenants just to have the next generation fail him again. Over and over this has happened and he is tired of it. Verses 14-23 tell the horrible story of Babylon and King Nebuchadnezzar destroying the city of Jerusalem and taking the ones he wanted off to Babylon. Verses 25-27 I believe is where God is speaking of Jesus coming and will be made Lord over all. God is angry but we know also after 70 years of captivity he restores them to their homeland. He is willing to forget and forgive if we all just take the time to get on our knees and beg forgiveness for sins committed and he will forgive us. In Christ, Jack.

    Father God I seek your guidance, your love and your forgiveness every day with the knowledge if I humble myself and plead for your forgiveness you will gladly forgive. know you love a repentant and a humble heart. I try my best to exhibit these traits but know that due to sin I fail sometimes. Forgive me when I fail you. I ask your blessings on my church. I pray for the people of the church. I pray for the finances of the church and I also seek blessings on our missionaries around the world. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.


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