Keep-on-keeping-on – – October 4

Today my posting is going to be a wee bit different.  It will be an apology of sorts rather than a synopsis or application to the reading for the day.  You may have noticed that somewhere along the line in this past month I stopped posting.  To be honest I became discouraged.  Life became very busy and I began to struggle with fatigue (meaning I was not getting up early enough to do my reading and then post). Even though I was not posting I was still reading. But, soon I was no longer reading. I lost the determination to keep on-keeping-on.  And in my funk it seemed as though no one was out there anymore; that our little group, who signed on at the first of the year, to read through the bible together, had all but dissolved and I took it personally. I took on guilt, the guilt of “If I had done better to encourage others we would all still be here”.  In essence I was taking the responsibility for not only my falling away but I also took on the responsibility for others falling away. The bottom line is I lost sight of why I took on this challenge.

                1. I took on this challenge because I have never read the entire Bible through in its entirety. That brings me great sorrow to admit, as in a couple of weeks I will be 60 years old and I have been a Christian, a follower of Christ since October 1972.  In fact, on the 8th of this month, it will be 39 years that I have been a follower. In those 39 years I have not read the entire Bible; my heart breaks at the thought. It occurred to me if I had not read it through perhaps there were others, like me, so I sent out the word and about 40 of you joined me at the beginning of the year to read through the Bible together this year.  To my knowledge there are only 2 people beside me who have continued on.  Well I guess there are only 2 who have continued on as I fell away a couple of weeks ago.  

                2. I lost sight of why I started the group and somewhere it became about me and it became my responsibility.  Well my friends, it is not about me, and I hate to break this to you, it is not about you either.  It is about Jesus, it is about God and His Word to us. It is about spending time each day with our Creator!

                3. But, that is not all that it is about!  It is about the Devil as well. The enemy does not want us in the Word of God!  Did you catch that?  “The Devil does not want us in the Word of God”! He wins when we let discouragement get in our way of spending time with God as we read His Word to us!  The Devil wins when we let a busy schedule, or fatigue, or the curves that life send us every day get in our way of being with Him. The Devil wins and we lose!

Once again, I won’t be able to say “I read the entire Bible this year”.  But, that is okay, because I will be able to say “I have read more of the Bible this year than ever before.”  Huge accomplishment!!!  I can look at the failure or I can look at the success.  The Devil would have me look at the failure and be discouraged. But God would say “Well done good and faithful one, keep on-keeping-on”. 

Next year, when I do this again (Yes, I am crazy, but I believe in what we are doing), perhaps I will make it through the entire Bible.  But whether I do or not is not the point.  The point is to keep-on-keeping-on.  The point is, anytime I spend, anytime you spend, in the Word of God returns to us hundred-fold.

So, if you like me, gave up somewhere along the line.  It is time to take back what the Devil thinks he has stolen.  It is time to look him square in the face and say “Not this time!” “It doesn’t matter if you gave up in the winter; if you gave up in the spring or the summer, or if you gave up in the past month.  What matters Is we pick up our Bibles and get back into the business at hand. Reading “Through the Bible this year”. 

Come on what do you say.  Are you with me?

Until next time – Be Encouraged


 Tomorrow’s reading – Malachi chapters 1-4 and Wednesday, October 6th, we begin with the New Testament Luke chapter 1 and John 1:1-14

Please feel free to post any comments and or questions you may have.  I promise to get back with you.                


About Sandra

I became a writer in my later years. I love blogging and sharing life with others. I speak to women's groups about the Christian life.
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2 Responses to Keep-on-keeping-on – – October 4

  1. I, like you, have let life get in the way. I was so embarrassed when I saw you at the funeral and I had to tell you that my life was in a shambles and I had given up my Bible reading to boot! The devil has been working hard to ruin my life and I’m not going to let him!

    I picked up my Bible for the first time in several months this morning. It was the “One Year” Bible, so not the same scriptures that you are on, but at least it was a start. Tomorrow, maybe I’ll pick back up on your Bible Reading and at least end the year on the right note…

    Thank you for hanging in there and being transparent enough to be honest and open with your daily struggles. It helps me to know that I’m not a failure and I’m not alone in my brokenness.

    May God continue to bless your efforts and all you do in His name.



    • Sandra Perdew says:

      Dawn my friend,

      Welcome back. This world is too hard and mean to travel it alone. Remember, it’s not how well we start the race, but how well we finish. Let’s finish well, you and I, and others together!

      Thanks for sharing.


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