Malachi – October 5

Malachi’s words to the people of Israel come about a 100 years after their return to the homeland.  Many of the sins condemned by Malachi were the same as those addressed by Nehemiah.

Malachi confronted the people with their complacency and unfaithfulness. They were not worshiping God whole heartedly.  They were marrying outside the faith.  They were breaking their marriage covenants through divorce.  They were not honoring God with their tithes and offerings.  They were not teaching truth and many were being led astray. And they weren’t sure if it was worth their effort to serve God; what was in it for them, serving God was futile. ).  There was a lack of respect and contempt for the name of the LORD. Sounds a lot like our world today doesn’t it?

Malachi’s message to the people was if they would return to God and obey Him, God would pour out his blessing on them and fill them with joy.

We too, just like the people of Israel can be restored to a right relationship at anytime.  We only need to turn our hearts toward God, turn from  our sinful way,  embrace God’s grace and worship the one true God.

Until next time – be encouraged.


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I became a writer in my later years. I love blogging and sharing life with others. I speak to women's groups about the Christian life.
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One Response to Malachi – October 5

  1. Jack Bass says:

    Nehemiah 11. Is about how the city of Jerusalem was repopulated after the wall was rebuilt. The city didn’t have near enough people living in it to adequately defend the city because with the wall surrounding her she needed more people on the wall to protect the city. The chapter gives us a breakdown on the leaders of the people living within the walls and what their responsibilities would be. This reading also describes how that one out of ten people from the surrounding towns would live within the city and all others would stay in their own homes wherever they lived in the surrounding towns. There wasn’t enough room for all the people to live within the walls of Jerusalem so the nine out of ten all lived in their original homes. Chapter 12. This chapter is about the dedication of the wall of Jerusalem and all the people involved in the dedication. The Levites were brought out of their homes to the ceremony so they would purify themselves, the people,gates and the wall itself. There was such joy in Jerusalem over the wall being completed they had men march around the city on top the wall. One group went clockwise and the other group went counter clockwise. They made music and the city was alive with Joy and the noise was so loud that it could be heard from a long way off. It was a very happy occasion. Regulations regarding religious duties of the people were set in place. The biggest job for people was the collecting the Tithes and people bringing them from all over. It must have been a big job taking care of all the offerings. Chapter 13. Nehemiah had been in Babylon for some time and was wondering how things were going in Jerusalem so he asked the King permission to travel to Jerusalem to check on how things were going. He found out the things weren’t going very well that the people had slipped back into their old ways. He found the tithe warehouse a mess and the keeper was corrupt. He got this mess straightened out and found that people were buying and selling on the Sabbath so he got that straightened out by locking the Gates so the people from the outside could not get in. He threatened them if they ever came on the Sabbath and they were afraid of him and his so the complied. Nehemiah also found that the Israelis were marrying others that were not Jewish and he was very angry about that. He knew all the problems that came from this and related the story of Solomon taking a foreign bride and what it had done to him in Gods eyes. Nehemiah was so upset with all the goings on and sinning of the people after the laws had been read and the people agreed to live by them and then to have them do what they were doing. I suspect there is a lesson here for all of us. If we stay away from God long enough it becomes harder and harder to get back to him. Sometimes a swift kick is whats needed and that’s about what Nehemiah had to do with the Israelis. Nehemiah ended this chapter with a prayer to God. Remember me with favor, my God. Ps. 126. We see in this Psalm the joy the people had in going home and to be free from the oppression they had faced as captives in Babylon. Its almost like the people are so filled with joy but they don’t know how to express themselves. They are expressing their gratefulness to God for restoring them to their homeland. In verse 5 although the overall message in this Psalm their is still a note of sadness. In Christ, Jack.

    Father God you are so good to me and for that matter you are so good to all your people if they only confess Jesus as their savior. Jesus has been special in my life ever since I discovered he gave his life for my sins on the cross at Calvary. What a love he has for me to do that. I praise you for allowing him to die for me. Forgive mymant sins father I beg you for forgiveness. I ask for blessings on my church as well as our missionaries around the world. THey need your protection Father God. In Jesus precious name I pray


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