Matthew 1 – Luke 2 1-38 – October 7

I always used to skip over the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew, but after I began studying about some of the names listed there, I now read that list more slowly and with much more meditated thought as I come to each name.  It is surprising when you truly grasp the reality of some of those names and what they were known for and yet, they were a part of the line of Jesus.  Incredible!

– In Luke 2 vs. 38 it tells us the Prophetess Anna spoke them about the child, (Jesus) to all who were looking forward to the redemption of Jerusalem.  Anna never left the temple so she must have been speaking there. I would love to know what all she told them about Jesus.  We are not told, at least not in this passage.  To back in time and be a fly on the wall that would be, I think, an interesting thing.

What do you suppose Anna shared with the people?  A thought to chew on for the day.

Until next time – be encouraged


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I became a writer in my later years. I love blogging and sharing life with others. I speak to women's groups about the Christian life.
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2 Responses to Matthew 1 – Luke 2 1-38 – October 7

  1. Jack Bass says:

    Matt 1. starts with a complete genealogy starting with Abraham because God promised from his seed the messiah would come and this is recorded history that says whats here is true. Verse 17 I thought was interesting enough to paste it in this writing. Thus there were fourteen generations in all from Abraham to David, fourteen from David to the exile to Babylon, and fourteen from the exile to the Messiah. What that means I am not sure but it was interesting. The Geneology starts with Abraham and ends with Joseph the husband of Mary. The rest of this chapter is Joseph accepting Jesus as his son.He was naturally upset when Mary came back from her visit with Elizabeth and was very pregnant. Joseph was a good man and didn’t want to harm Mary in any way. She could have been stoned for getting pregnant by someone else when he was betrothed to Joseph. Joseph was told by the Angel Micheal that Mary was pregnant with Gods son and that she had done nothing wrong. God selected Mary to bare the Christ child. Joseph took Mary as his wife but didn’t have sex with her till Jesus was borne. When Jesus was borne they named him Jesus as the Angel told him to do. Luke 2:1-38 This chapter is almost word for word as to what was written in Mathew. Very little difference that I can see other than there seems to be an error in the Genealogy given by the Two writers. I did some research on the subject and found that it has been a controversy for many years and people a lot smarter than I argue over it. Its way to complicated for such a mortal as I am to figure it out. I simply take it as two different men trying there best to put it down on paper for all generations like us to see and them being men very much like you and me who tell different stories in different ways. I can’t even figure out my own Genealogy for more than a couple generations much less 70 generations. All I know is Jesus was born, walked this earth for 33 years and started his ministry at the age of thirty, Was a kind and passionate man who healed people and raised people from the dead while being persecuted by the authorities and the religious zealots of the day. He was humble in every way and loved little children so much and they loved him back. Little children seem to have more ability to see the good in people that older people do it seems to me. I believe that he is and was the savior of the world and two writers putting down on paper any difference means nothing to me. I see it as a mistake in listing all the generations but not enough in my eyes to discredit what God did when he was on this earth in the form of Jesus. In Christ, Jack.

    Father God the mysteries of the Bible are sometimes confusing but I for one think that you allowed things like this to happen so that people like me might find it something to be solved and make me dig little harder to solve it. My love for you is so great that little bumps in the road don’t alter my belief in the word or in you one bit. You are my God and I will always love you for what you did when you gave your son to die a horrible death on the cross for all my sins. I ask for blessings on my church as well as our missionaries around the world. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.


    • Sandra Perdew says:


      I have been working on my family tree for a few months now, and I can’t get past about 3 maybe 4 generations…



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