Matthew 3 Mark 1 Luke 3 – October 9

In these chapters we see John the Baptist fulfilling the calling/purpose he was created to do by God.  We also see the beginnings of Jesus ministry/calling and the temptation of Satan following His baptism by John.  Like so many of us who come to know the saving knowledge and grace of Jesus – who are baptized – the devil comes and attacks us from all sides.  So when we are attacked we should remember we are in good company 🙂

Jesus begins to call his first disciples and begins working many miracles.   I can’t help but wonder why Jesus would not let the demons speak.  They knew who he was and therefore Jesus would not allow them to talk.  Hmmm Interesting – perhaps the time for revelation had not yet come.

We see the modeling of going off to pray early in the morning and we see 3 ways in which Jesus healed:

  • An evil spirit is driven out of a man as Jesus spoke
  • Simon’s mother was healed as Jesus helped her to stand.
  • The man with Leprosy was healed as Jesus reached out and touched the man and said “I am willing – Be Clean

3 healings all done in a different manner… more on this later

Luke tells us why John the Baptist is sent to prison.

In Matthew we are given the lineage of Mary through the  line of David and here in Luke we are given the lineage of Joseph; both tracing their roots through the line of David.

As we are reading in the Gospels –  I thought it might be helpful to give you a wee bit of background on the authors of the gospels and to whom they are written.

Matthew is one of the chosen 12 and an eye-witness to event.  Matthew is a Jew and his writing audience is primarily the Jews. As a result Matthew records more about Jesus teaching concerning Gods’ heavenly kingdom then the others; for example the Gospel of Matthew holds the entire Sermon on the Mount.

Mark was close to Peter.  1 Peter 5:13 Peter calls Mark his son, there is some theologians who say this is a spiritual sense such as a spiritually adopted son and some take this to mean Mark was literally his son.  In either case Mark was not an eyewitness but writes from what he has learned from Peter.  It is an eye-witness account of Peters, written by Mark. Marks target is the Romans

Luke was a doctor and his gospel is more detailed/factual than the others.  Luke was not a disciple and therefore it is not an actual eyewitness account. . Luke was a good friend and possibly a co-worker with Paul (Colossians 4:14; Philemon 24) – Luke’s gospel is written from an interview perspective much as a reporter would write a story today.  He collated all the interviews into a single account, recording many details not recorded elsewhere; for example regarding the conception and birth of Jesus and Mary’s extended family, much you might expect of a doctor.  Luke’s target audience was the Greeks.

And finally we have John who was one of the 12 disciples and referred to as the one Jesus loved. John brings out the spiritual significance as well as recording the practical aspects of Jesus works and words.   John’s target audience was universal.

Quick facts:

Matthew: Jewish audience – Written in Palestine – Written in approximately 60 AD – Purpose in writing was the fulfillment of Old Testament Prophecy

Mark: Roman audience – Written in Rome – Written in approximately 68-69 AD – Written for the Church of Rome – Purpose in writing was to challenge the Roman minds and beliefs.

Luke: Greek audience – Written in Rome or Caesarea – Written in approximately 60 AD – Written for Theophilus – Purpose in writing to provide an accurate account of the Life of Christ and “so that you may know the certainty of the things you have been taught.”

John: Universal audience – Written in Ephesus – Written in approximately 90 AD – Written for the whole church – Purpose in writing the basis of Faith.

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One Response to Matthew 3 Mark 1 Luke 3 – October 9

  1. Jack Bass says:

    Matthew 3. Has the story of John the Baptist and speaking of him telling all that would listen to him of the coming Messiah and the need for them to be Baptized and he accomplished this Baptism many times. When Jesus approached him to be Baptized John recognized him right away as being the savior and told Jesus that Jesus should be baptizing him. Jesus said let this be for now and you baptize me so John did. When the Pharisees and Sadducee’s Showed up checking out what was happening John scolded them and called them a brood of vipers. John was a strange man with a appetite for wild honey and locusts and wore some strange clothes made out of camels hair. In today’s world he would fit in just fine with some of the strange looking young people of today and in some cases some not so young people. Mark 1. Verse 1-9 Are almost word for word what was written about John in Matthew 3. Verse 10 tells us of Jesus going into the desert to be tempted by the Devil for forty days and says no more about it. we are told of John the Baptist being put into prison. Jesus starts gathering his deciples to follow him so that he can teach them his ways so they can share the good news with all they meet. He is walking along the sea of Galilee and he sees some fishermen and simply said follow me and I will make you fishers of men. They promptly left their nets and followed him. He had to have had some king of magnetism about him for them to do what they did. Of course he did he was God. Jesus had a hard time finding time to rest because he had been healing so many people and the word was getting out that so many people were bringing everyone they knew that were sick to him for him to heal them. He performed many healing’s including one where he healed a man with leprosy. He told this man to tell no one who had healed him but the man was so happy he was healed he told everybody. Luke 3. is much the same story we have already covered in the other chapters we have read. Slight differences in wording is the only difference I see in the story of John the Baptist. Luke tells us a little more about Johns preaching to the people to share with others from what they have. He told tax collectors to be honest in all their dealings when collecting taxes. Some in the crowds thought that John might be the Messiah but John flatly told them he wasn’t even worthy to untie Jesus’s sandals. We get from this reading when Jesus started his ministry at age 30. I feel like he started earlier than that for he did some things prior to his 30th birthday. In Christ, Jack.

    Father God keep my love in place for you for as long as I live, Keep me from straying because I love you and want to be with you in heaven. Your love for me must have been very strong for you to have allowed your son to pay the price for my sins. Thank you father God. I ask blessings on my church as well as our missionaries. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.


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