Moses a Fav of Mine

Moses is quickly becoming the person, other than Jesus of course, that I desire to be most like.

Moses, like the rest us, was born with a purpose in God’s eternal plan. Moses’ early life did not start out like one destined for greatness, or whose name would be written in, what is commonly referred to as the Faith Chapter (Hebrews chapter 11).  In fact Moses was actually destined to a short life; he was to die right after birth! For by Pharaoh’s decree all male born babies were to be thrown into the river and drowned; but God had other plans. At the age of 3 months Moses was placed in the reeds along the Nile where He would be found by Pharaoh’s daughter. As a result he was raised in the enemy camp.  Again, God is with Moses as his own mother is brought to nurse and care for him; and gets paid for the job! Moses, after weaning, became the son of Pharaoh’s own daughter, enjoying the luxury of riches and abundance. Perhaps, he would one day have a leadership position in Pharaoh’s courts. One act without forethought changes the course of destiny for Moses.  Moses’ finds himself a hunted man and flees to the land of Midian for safety.  Moses has been stripped of all pride, stripped of all riches, stripped of almost everything he knew; living in the desert. He no longer lived in the lap of luxury with the hopes of becoming a leader, pharaoh or king. Nope, he was Pa lowly sheep herder, with nothing to call his own, tending his father-in-law’s sheep. When Moses had been broken enough, molded enough, and healed enough, and was ready…. God calls to Moses from within a burning bush.

I just love Moses…. here is God speaking to him from within a burning bush (pretty amazing phenomena if you ask me) and Moses acts like it’s an everyday occurrence. He begins to question God.  First he questions God’s choice with “Who am I that I should go?” and then he questions God’s integrity, identity, and authority, by asking in essence, whom shall I say sent me?  Moses questions God’s plan; “What if they don’t believe me”? God answers all his questions with patience, and step- by-step lays out the plan of action. Moses reminds God that he is not eloquent and is slow of speech. God reassures Moses and says He will be there with Moses, and that He will give Moses the words with which to speak. Moses begins to see he is losing the argument, and finally says, “O Lord, please send someone else to do it”.

You can almost hear Moses saying…..Lord are you NUTS? You have the wrong person…I can’t do this, I don’t’ have the skills.  Surely, Lord, you don’t mean me? I am just not up to the task.  Lord, send someone else; Lord; send anyone else, just not me!!! Then you see the real root of the situation, Moses’ fear has overridden his faith. God was asking him to go back into a land where he was not welcome; a land with failed dreams and dashed hopes, a land where they wanted to kill him.  It was a land run by evil; a land ruled by a Pharaoh who would like nothing more than to see Moses dead.

Moses was called to lead!  Moses was to lead God’s chosen people out of bondage, out of Pharaoh’s dictatorship, out of Egypt.  His life’s purpose was about to come to fruition. The task at hand and the journey which lay before Moses was not to be an easy one.  The people he was called to lead, rebelled, they had dissension among themselves.  They defied Moses’ leading at almost every juncture. God blessed; and yet they were unhappy, grumbled, and complained.  In essence, they rejected the God who delivered them; they rejected the God who provided; they rejected, by their actions, the God who loved them. (For further study, read the book of Exodus, beginning in chapter one)

What do we learn from the story of Moses?

  • We learn that no matter the circumstances we may ask questions and God will provided the answers
  • We learn that sometimes we have to revisit the land of our past to gain victory.
  • We learn that when God calls us we don’t already need to possess the skills required to do the task; for God will equip those He calls.
  • We learn that fears can be overcome as we release and entrust them to God (even though Moses went dragging his feet, the important point to see, is he went)!
  • We learn that when we allow God to use us to fulfill His purpose, the journey may not always be fun or even pleasant. But it will be victorious and the rewards will far outweigh the difficulties.
  • And finally we learn that we can be right where we are suppose to be, doing what we are supposed to be doing, fulfilling the purpose God has for us, and still have struggles

“…just as Moses was faithful in all God’s house” (Hebrews 3:2), I wonder will I be found faithful in God’s house? I ask the question, will you be found faithful in all God’s house?

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Sandra Perdew – January 21, 2013

About Sandra

I became a writer in my later years. I love blogging and sharing life with others. I speak to women's groups about the Christian life.
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