Molten Sea

Wow, what a Palace!

As beautiful and ornate as Solomon’s Palace may have been, I suspect it falls short of the glory we will discover in Heaven.

Bible reading, if not careful, can become routine and ordinary causing us to miss the details, the little nuances found in God’s Word. 1 Kings 7 provides a detailed description of the Palace furnishings; a complete mind boggler. In the midst of my reading I noticed the verse, “He made the Sea of cast metal….” The Sea I’m familiar with is certainly not made of cast metal.  The Sea, I know, is salty, is fluid, contains life and washes sea shells up on shore for me to collect and admire. Could this be a typo in my Bible? No, not a typo… Whew – Good News! Reassuring for sure, but, if not a typo and it’s not the sea/ocean, then what is Solomon referring too?  This sea is the basin, the great basin of the Palace courts, also known as the Molten Sea; I would liken this basin to our bathtubs of today – but much larger and more ornate.

Molten (Brazen) Sea – The Sea corresponded to the laver of the tabernacle.  It too was gigantic in size: 15 feet across its circular rim and 7.5 feet high.  On the three-molten seato-one ratio of the circumference (45’) to the diameter (15’) compared with the geometric (pi)  the Sea looked like a huge basin resting on the backs of the 12 sculptured bulls that supported it, and it could contain 2,000 baths (ca. 11,500 gallons; of water).  This basin served as a reservoir for the temple courtyard.[1]

It is important when reading Scripture we stay in the moment and not merely read to get through our daily devotional reading time or current Bible study assignment.  When we are not in the moment we miss some of the little nuisances of time spent with God and potentially miss out on some amazing details along the way.

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Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman who needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth 2 Timothy 2:15

[1][1] The Bible Knowledge Commentary, Walvoord Zuck, 1983 2000 Cook Communications Ministries


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