Praying Through Pictures

Knee-Down Wednesday Series

I shared recently @ how through a “foggy mind funk”, the Holy Spirit had inspired me to design a picture prayer journal. A new twist on an older prayer system of my past. Years ago I purchased a photo flip album, which held 80 4×6 archival, clear picture sleeves. I loaded the flip album with photos. Each day I would flip a page. The person or group of people in the photo were prayed for throughout the day. When I got to the end of the first 40 photos I simply turned the flip album around and prayed through the next set of 40 photos, one flip, one day, at a time. Because many of the photos were group photos there were well over 150 people who I prayed for throughout the year. I admit in the beginning I was faithful to pray.  Seeing the faces encouraged me to keep-on-keeping-on in praying for them. But, then like all things life changed. I wasn’t at my desk every day, I began praying out doors and in different spots; little by little I stopped praying through the flip album. In fact it has sat off in a corner collecting dust until recently.

I was in a funk and praying for release from this vague, ambient black cloud. I glanced over at my photo-flip album in the corner, when the idea struck me, “scrapbook a prayer journal”. About a year ago I started scrapbooking. I’m not all that great and I won’t win any design awards. Yet, I love the sense of accomplishment. I love the idea of taking pictures, putting them in an art form and sharing one’s life through pictures and words.  It was in this moment of prayer, the Holy Spirit reminded me of my photo-flip-prayer system and how I could combine my love for scrapbooking into a similar system. Not only could I be creative, I would be leaving a legacy for my beloved family and friends. A win-win!

Writing is most definitely an artistic and creative outlet. I love writing. I love delving into the word of God. I love sharing the insights the Holy Spirit shares with me. I not only have a passion for this I feel God has asked me to share my gleanings with the world at large. I find myself, lately, needing more. I’d lost my motivation my zip, my pizazz. I desired something I could do, during down time, which would reenergize rather than “vegging” valuable time away.  Time is a commodity all too easily wasted. The Lord, who knows me best, gave me an image, a way to combine my passion of writing, scrapbooking and photography all in one. Way to go, God!

The details, in case you too wish to construct a similar journal.

  • Prayer JournalPurchase a plain ordinary composition notebook. I used one I already had on hand.
  • Choose a pretty scrapbooking paper, or other patterned paper of your choice to use for the cover. Cut paper to size and glue to the cover. You can also use two-sided tape.
  • Because I wanted the binding to be soft and flexible I cut the scrapbooking paper about three quarters of an inch narrower than the notebooks cover. Then I took washi-tape (a simple decorative cloth tape found in craft stores, on Amazon and many office supply stores) and placed it as a decorative border along the spine.
  • Embellish your scrapbooking paper, a.k.a. your new cover, with decorative letters, sayings, clipart, or die cuts of your choosing. Be creative! This is your cover your personal notebook. Let your imagination soar. Visit your inner child which has been an adult way too long and allow her to come forth… And most importantly, enjoy! Inside journal pagesImagine, create, don’t worry about mistakes and certainly don’t be concerned with perfection.
  • Once the outside cover is complete, choose a coordinating scrapbook paper, or not, and cut to size for the inside cover. Do the same for the back outside and the back inside covers, glue accordingly.
  • Once the covers are covered to your liking, divide the notebook pages into sections of your choosing.

Family SectionMy sections: Praise, Family, Extended Family, Adopted Family (those in our lives who are family not by blood, but by choice), and Friends near and dear to my heart.

My praise section will not hold pictures, but words, phrases, or verses which will help lead me into moments of praising God, simply for who he is.

Journal pagePraying for my hubby and our marriage (yep, even after all these years) is a priority. The first page in the Family Section begins with a 4×6 photo collage of our life. Each photo in the collage holds special meaning and depicts memories of times enjoyed together. The next few pages are left blank allowing room to write specific prayers for hubby and our marriage.  I made and printed a collage representing each child, their spouse and their children (our grandchildren), etc. These will be placed in the Family Section with enough blank pages behind each collage to write specific prayers for each person represented. Then I will do the same for the Extended Family Section, then the Adopted Family Section and so forth.

Praying outdoors amidst God’s creation is my favorite place to pray. My notebook is thin enough to tuck into my journal, or a small tote bag, as a take and go. I’m looking forward to filling its pages with specific prayers.  I will be encouraged in my journey each day, as I see the faces of beloved family and friends, reminded of life spent together and praying over each one.

Happy Praying…
Until next time,

About Sandra

I became a writer in my later years. I love blogging and sharing life with others. I speak to women's groups about the Christian life.
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6 Responses to Praying Through Pictures

  1. Linda Hall says:

    Great idea! Great instructions. A wonderful way to remember to pray.


    • Sandra says:

      Thanks Linda,
      I know we can’t try all the ideas I share for there just is not enough time in a day. I always pray and hope my readers will find a nugget or two amongst the pages in my blogs which will inspire them to give something new a try. Thanks for taking time to share your thoughts. When people comment it inspires this author to keep-on-keeping-on.


  2. Sandra says:

    In a previous blog, also on Purpleprincessreflections, I shared my, “Because Jesus Love Me” journal. In order to simplfy and not have a book for this, a journal for that, and another for something else, I’m dedicating the last 10-12 pages in my newly created Picture Prayer Journal to be my “Because Jesus Loves Me” record of blessings found in each and every day. For those who may have missed my blog post you may read it here. Happy Journaling 🙂


  3. Bootsey says:

    I like this idea Sandra! Some mornings when I don’t do bible art this would be an additional way of being close to my Lord. Thank you for sharing your ideas.


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