A Heart Set on God

2nd Chronicles 12:14 states, “He did evil because he had not set his heart on seeking the LORD.”  I did a word study on the phrase, set his heart on.  “To set one’s heart on something means: to desire it so much that not receiving it will “break your heart” (cause your feelings to be hurt so badly, you’re undone emotionally; undone to the point of crying, sobbing, and losing the ability to function)”. Did this verse convict my lackadaisical attitude… you bet!

I have a strong desire to seek God. Yet, from the above definition, I’m missing the mark by quite a lot. I’m not quite set on seeking God. My heart does not break. Often, I don’t even give God a second thought.  I simply go about my day and do what I do without much thought towards Him.  Seeking God cannot just be something I do when I find myself faced with an insurmountable situation. Seeking the Lord needs to be a way of life. My heart should break at the mere thought of a day without Him. I love that the definition says you are emotionally undone to the point of crying, sobbing and losing the ability to function.  In my life, let me tell you, that definition is a good one. When I do not seek Him moment-by-moment, when my heart is not set towards God, that is exactly what happens. I find myself emotionally undone, crying easily, more fearful and not functioning well.

Gold nugget 2It’s amazing how much smoother life goes when my heart is set right. In others words living life with an eternal perspective with my heart set on God, in all things and in all ways. Much as a person seeks and searches out treasure should be my thoughts and actions. My relationship with God is a treasure and I should treat it as such. After all it is what I prize most.

My heart aches for more of God in my life. The answer to my aching heart is found in the above verse. Now I ask the questions: What does a life look like whose heart is set on seeking God?  What will my life look like – how would my life change if I truly set my heart on seeking God, day to day, moment by moment?

Thoughts and questions to chew on today!

How about you? Have any thoughts on the subject?

Until next time
Be Encouraged

About Sandra

I became a writer in my later years. I love blogging and sharing life with others. I speak to women's groups about the Christian life.
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2 Responses to A Heart Set on God

  1. Sandra says:

    Well my friend, now that you’ve had time to chew… What are your thoughts?


  2. Linda hall says:



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