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Sabbath – the Journey Continues

About a year ago I felt the Lord impressing upon me the word Sabbath. I began to wonder why the New Testament church does not keep the Sabbath. I have been doing some interesting research on the 3rd of 10 … Continue reading

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What Does God See – Part 2

In my last blog,I discussed King Solomon’s rise and fall; how Solomon had walked with God and then chose a path of outright disobedience. King David, Solomon’s dad, left his son an inheritance rich in faith. David had a heart … Continue reading

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What Does God See?

King Solomon, son of David, asked God for wisdom and his request was granted. Solomon became the wisest man to ever live on earth (except for Jesus of course). Solomon had the world by its tail, and he had it … Continue reading

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Vitamin Power or Shelf Decoration

“You are slow to learn.” I read this in Hebrews today and thought, Oh my.  Then I read further, “In fact, though by this time you ought to be teachers…” I am a teacher of the Word, yet, many times … Continue reading

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Stinking Thinking…Not!!!

In my last blog to you, I wrote that I was reading the Bible backwards. It has been interesting to come to God’s word from a different angle. It is helping to see things I never noticed before; a different … Continue reading

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Moses a Fav of Mine

Moses is quickly becoming the person, other than Jesus of course, that I desire to be most like. Moses, like the rest us, was born with a purpose in God’s eternal plan. Moses’ early life did not start out like … Continue reading

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Acts 13-14

I think the thing I find most interesting in these 2 chapters is how easy the people are swayed from believing to rioting.  One minute it seems they are all in agreement for the Lord and then some Jewish rebel-rousers … Continue reading

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