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Sabbath – the Journey Continues

About a year ago I felt the Lord impressing upon me the word Sabbath. I began to wonder why the New Testament church does not keep the Sabbath. I have been doing some interesting research on the 3rd of 10 … Continue reading

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Letter to a Young Friend

My Dear Young Friend, I am unaware of the circumstances which prompted your question which touched something deep within. “How do you draw the line between holding yourself to a higher standard and accepting imperfections? I cannot accept my imperfections, … Continue reading

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Remember the Sabbath Part IV

Final thoughts on keeping the Sabbath in the 21st century Mark 2:27, “and Jesus said to them, the Sabbath was made on account and for the sake of man, not man for the Sabbath.” God created/designed the Sabbath for us. … Continue reading

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Stinking Thinking…Not!!!

In my last blog to you, I wrote that I was reading the Bible backwards. It has been interesting to come to God’s word from a different angle. It is helping to see things I never noticed before; a different … Continue reading

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Bible Backwards

I am doing something different this year, something I have never done before; I am reading the Bible backwards. No, I am not reading it backwards word for word; what I am doing is taking the last chapter in Revelation … Continue reading

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